4 Steps to Filtering an IP Address Out of Google Analytics

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Lately, I have been digging into Google Analytics a bit more so I can get certified (always learning right?)

Today, I did some IP exclusions, which is very, very easy. When you exclude your/a certain IP address, Google Analytics doesn’t track it anymore.

Why would you want to do this? If you are like me, you keep your site open a lot, which can skew time on page, bounce rate, visits, etc. which is very, very bad when looking at overall success of campaigns. You want to see what others are doing on your site and not you right? Well here is a quick how-to on filtering out IP addresses:

First, look up your IP address. Simply type into Google “What’s my IP address” and it should be the first thing that pops up. Copy it.

Second, go into the “Admin” portion of Google Analytics like so:

Analytics Admin

Thirdly, click “All Filters” under the ACCOUNT portion of the page and then click “+ADD FILTER”.

Analytics filter

Fourthly,¬†fill out the information provided. Here is how it should look when you get done (paste your IP address from the first step into “Subdirectory”):

IP filter

Click Save and wallah! Your Google Analytics will no longer track your IP address in the reporting.

Easy right?

Keep on the lookout for more posts while I learn Google Analytics!