5 Keys to Successfully Targeting Interests on Facebook Ads

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Keys to targeting Facebook Interests Ads


Targeting interests is a great way to find new customers, Likes, website conversions, you name it. The thing is… a lot of people don’t understand interest targeting. I am going to try to clear things up for you and give you five key take-aways that you can implement in any Facebook Ad campaign to reach your specific audience.


1. Facebook sees interest targeting as “or,” not “and.”

*Edit* You can now exclude, include, and even tailor your audience to have “and” parameters. You simply click on the “Exclude People” and “Narrow Audience” buttons below the interest targeting like so:

exclude audiences

What this means for you:
When targeting interests, think of every keyword or phrase as a stand-alone target. Currently, Facebook is in the works to changing this point (see #8 on that page), but until then, remember that it is “or” and not “and.”


2. Target influencers/celebrities in your industry.

How you implement this:
Let’s say that you are a restoration company. You will want to target people like Bob Vila, Ty Pennington, Richard Tretheway, and the like. By targeting these influencers, you will narrow down your target audience to people that are actually interested in your industry.


3. Target brands/companies in your industry.

How you implement this:
Let’s say you are a jewelry company. You will want to target brands like Tiffany & Co, Harry Winston, Big Bang NYC, The 2 Bandits, etc… Some are large, some are small. With this targeting, you will get a very diverse crowd that is interested in all types of jewelry, and therefore interested in your product.


4. Target TV shows in your industry.

How you implement this:
Let’s say you are an antiques shop. You will want to target TV shows like Antiques Roadshow, Antique Trader, American Pickers, Auction Kings, Thrift Wars, and the like. This will narrow down a target audience that will want to interact with your ads.


5. Don’t put a town as an interest unless the product can be used by everyone.

What this means to you:
When you target a town as an interest, you are throwing out a massive net in hopes to finding that small audience that will want your product. (Remember that interests are “or,” not “and.”) The only time it is okay to target an entire town is for companies like car mechanics, restaurants, unisex t-shirts sellers, and the like. Mind you though: There are a number of other interests to target besides a town and I would suggest only using that as a last resort! 

Narrowing this down further, say you are an HVAC company. You will want to target town names AND homeowners to narrow that search down. People that rent won’t interact because they aren’t the decision makers with that sort of thing.

Here are a few examples of interest targeting that I have done:

Facebook Charity Interests
Charity Interests
Jeweler Interests
Jeweler Interests
Facebook thrift shop interests
Thrift Shop Interests

Your Turn!

I hope this has cleared up a little confusion and prompted you to think a little deeper about the audience you are targeting through Facebook Ads. Now go out and find your Facebook audience you’ve always known you had!


If you want to dive even deeper into Facebook Ads, check out a recent blog post of mine titled How to Target your Audience Using Facebook Power Editor. Here is the link to that:

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