5 Small Businesses Doing Facebook Right

Facebook is used right, and wrong, every day, but with it becoming more of a “pay-to-play” social media platform, small businesses aren’t getting the same results as they used to even though they are still posting quality content and  doing what they can. Here are 5 examples of small businesses that are doing Facebook right even if their numbers don’t show it.

First off, I think that “Doing Facebook Right” needs a little clarification.
I base doing anything right as (in no specific order):

  • Posting relevant content that runs right along with the audience you wish to connect with
  • Nice mix of “selling” posts and industry related posts
  • Using industry-related keywords
  • Proper use of quality visuals
  • Proper format of text
  • Correct use of call-to-action

Knowing that these are the points that I am honing in on, here are the 5 small businesses that, according to the points above, are Doing Facebook Right.

  1. KC Homes 365
    KC Homes 365 stood out to me when I was doing research due to the diversity of posts that they publish. For some business pages I run across, they are very one dimensional (i.e. only KC Homes 365 Facebook Pageposting pictures of food, only posting listings of homes, only reminding people of an event), but KC Homes 365 diversifies their postings by posting their  listings, success stories, outbound links (even some local ones), tips, questions, etc. This is the type of small business page that every small business   should strive for on Facebook.

    KC Homes 365 is using Facebook for their new home listings to show off their product first and foremost. With Facebook allowing such large images, comparative to the other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, it is the perfect opportunity to show off their listings in a larger light. Their simple, yet elegant, use of the collage shown here  gives you different views of a listing and even gives you all the contact information you need.

    The first post I saw on KC Homes 365 was a testimonial. Usually when there is a huge paragraph of text, people shy away, but when you attach it to such a cute couple (don’t forget the baby too), more people are bound to read at least a line or two.

    If you ever want a post to do better, make sure it has a picture of a puppy or a baby attached to it. People love these two things more than they love breathing.

    Tied into the KC Homes 365 postings are questions. It seems so obvious right? Ask a question or an opinion of something and get an answer. Although it may seem obvious, I don’t run acrossKC Homes 365 question post a lot of pages asking anything. I see a lot of noise and promotion, but rarely do I see simple questions. Some of the best posts (engagement wise) that I have ever had were question/opinion posts.  Give them a shot and see what happens. Won’t hurt right?

    I really shouldn’t have to be saying this because it seems like it is SM101, but KC Homes 365 actually responds to inquiries and comments on their page. If you want people to know that you welcome questions, comments, and concerns, then you need to respond to them on social media. (Here is an article on how to deal with Trolls if you come across them.) Not only does this show that you want to be engaged with, but it helps you out in the long run with your posts showing up on their timeline, which might lead to them sharing one of those great collages that I mentioned earlier.

    I can go on and on about KC Homes 365, but I will finish breaking down theirs by saying that they are a great source to learn from if you are looking to perfect your Facebook strategy.

  2. Wisecracker
    Wisecracker stood out to me due to the mix of high quality first-person pictures and outbound links. As a Wisecracker pageFacebook business page, you want to diversify your posts by taking great first-person pictures that show your product in an scenario that the customer can see themselves in.

    Wisecracker does a great job at posting high quality images that show their product in a new light, whether it be in the snow, next to beer, on a bike, Shared customer picture on facebook pageetc. Not only do they post their own images, but they repost customer photos with a short caption as well.

    This business really wants to entice you into purchasing their product without really saying BUY NOW. In fact, I only ran across a few postings that had a link to their website when I was perusing. In my experience, people want to be shown and not told. This page does exactly that.

  3. Amigoni Vineyards and Urban Winery
    Amigoni Vineyards and Winery Facebook page imageAmigoni Vineyards and Urban Winery stood out to me when I was doing research because there are a number of questions to the audience to entice them to interact. Not only that, but their mix of first person content tied into all of those outbound links makes for a page that you want to come back and see what they are up to.

    Every post that is on their business page has an image, which has been proven to increase click through rate and interactions. By posting short text to go along with the posts, there is a much higher chance of people actually reading a post instead of just looking at the picture and moving on.

    Enticing people isAmigoni Vineyards and Urban Winery Facebook post the name of the game and Amigoni does it right. A perfect example of this is the post shown here. This post has 4 things going for it right off the bat. 1: A great image. 2: An easy to read format. 3: A question for people. 4: A prize for participating. When a business asks for help from its audience, it’s almost like giving the reins over to them. People always have something to say and if you reward them for doing so, you are going to get returning, loyal customers.

    Amigoni excels in posting behind the scenes photos right. They go to the winery and take pictures as well as showing the process of making wine, barreling it, and even event pictures. The more customers see these behind the scenes pictures, the more they know the company, which makes them feel connected and might even bring them to tell their friends and family.

  4. Julep KC
    julep KC screenshotJulep KC has a great mix of first person photos, events, custom graphics, and use of hashtags. As a Facebook business page, you want your photos to prompt a mouth wateringly eager want.  When you post pictures like Julep, you are doing it right.

    The first two posts that I saw on Julep KC were of food trying to entice people to come in over the weekend for a bite to eat. Sure made me want to. Their first person content isn’t the only thing that I found great about this page though. Scrolling through, I noticed that there are a few informative posts to the page julep KC screenshot of Facebook postfor the less-informed drinker. The post attached is a great example of one of those informative posts that ties into the business, but also has a call to action. Two birds with one stone.

    The last things I am going to hit on for Julep KC are the events. These are great ways to drive more foot traffic into a business, and although they may be hard to promote, they are worth the effort. I ran across 3 on Julep’s page from just the past few months alone. This not only reminds customers about a specific event, but also gives you an avenue to talk to people over Facebook a whole lot easier. When they accept that invite, they get ALL notifications to the event, which is a whole lot better than the 1% chance of them seeing posts from the business page itself. If you haven’t tried to make an event, you should. It’s not going to hurt right?

  5. The Sundry
    The Sundry Facebook screenshot The Sundry is visual and consistent. Their visuals are spot on and their descriptions for the images are short and sweet giving you exactly the amount of context you need in order to know you want it. Aside from that, they tag various businesses on occasion, which is always good form, and on top of that, they post often. I passed over a ton of other businesses simply because they don’t post enough. In order to reach an audience, businesses need to be posting at least 7 times a week.

    A great example of a great post is this one. You get the eye catching visual, and with the cake being half gone, a sense of urgency. This sense of urgency is The Sundry Facebook screenshot of postshockingly powerful when it comes to people. The description for the image is straight and to the point with a link to another company as well as a link to their website, which is everything you want to know about this image.

    One of the best parts about The Sundry Facebook page is that they incorporate tagging companies that they do business with in their posts. This post is a prime example of that where they tagged 4 different businesses in a single post in one sentence. In my opinion, this is how tagging and hashtagging should happen. Incorporate the tags in the sentences, don’t just add them on at the end.

    If you are going to update a business page, take the time to do it right. Pictures are key, so take high quality ones that show the inner workings to your business. Entice people by creating a sense of urgency and an open line of communication. They took their time to type a question or comment, take your time to thank them by writing them back even if it is just a smiley face sticker. Every bit counts.

    Do you have any great examples of small businesses handling social media right? Drop me a line in the comments or tell me on Twitter and I will get back to you!

    Jackson Salzman

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