6 Facebook Advertising A/B Tests You Can Run Right Now

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Original posting by Jackson Salzman on Adweek’s Blog: 6 Facebook Advertising A/B Tests You Can Run Right Now.

6 Facebook A/B Tests banner

Every person has their own interests and tastes when it comes to what appeals to them emotionally or aesthetically, so why would you serve just one type of ad to all of them?

Here’s something you should consider: A/B testing.

A/B Testing can be as simple as flipping the image so that the people are facing a different way or changing the call-to-action to as complicated as changing the bids from automatic to manual.


  1. 1-day conversions vs. 7-day conversions

  2. Calls to action

  3. Image flipping

  4. Promo code vs. no promo code

  5. Text overlay

  6. Manual vs. automatic bidding

Keeping these 6 A/B tests in mind, go and find new audiences that your ads resonate with.

Read the entire article on Adweek right now.