Find Your Local Twitter Audience With This Little-Known Secret

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Have you ever wanted to find your local Twitter audience and searched for “#TownName” or something similar hoping to get people in your local area to interact with? Well, with any searches like that, you won’t just get people around your area using that hashtag, you will also get anyone and everyone that has used it. But how do you narrow that search down to people in your city at a 10, 20, 30 mile radius?

Geotargeting is how, and I am going to show you how to do it.


First, go ahead and log into your Twitter account.

Next, open up a new tab and go to Bing Maps. Now, before you say “Pfffft. Bing Maps Jackson? I’ve never even seen it.” there is one thing that is readily available on there that isn’t on Google Maps: longitude and latitude.

Once you have Bing Maps open, go ahead and type in the business address that you wish to find the local audience of. I am going to use just a general area called the The Plaza in Kansas City. Now, once you do that, there will be the longitude and latitude to the left of the map like so:

Map with longitude and latitude

Now, go ahead and copy that longitude and latitude. Once you have that, go ahead and go back to your Twitter tab and paste it into the search bar at the top right. You should have something similar to this: Twitter search bar example

You aren’t done though, so don’t go pressing enter because you will just get a “No Tweet results for 39.042053,-94.597168” return.

Once you have the longitude and latitude in there, you will want to put in the word “geocode” before the numbers with a “:” immediately after it with NO SPACE.

Next, go to the end of the longitude and latitude and put in a comma and the mile radius that you want to search for E.G: Twitter geocode example

Now you can press enter.

The search that you just put in will bring up all of the top tweets in that mile radius. How cool is that?! Now, if you want to see all of the tweets and not just the ones getting the most action, just click on the “All” option at the top of the page. Twitter geocode example

You are probably saying to yourself: “So, how can this help me grow my audience or get more interaction on Twitter?

Well, for starters, you can

  • interact with people in your city personally
  • see if there is any hot topics going on in your city that you can get involved in
  • search for specific keywords in your city to see who is using them (see below for a how-to do this)


Along with a simple geocode search, there is another trick you can do with this search.

Say that you want search for everyone using “#Royals” in your area. You would simply put in that search before the geocode phrase with a space after it like so: Twitter Royals search example


This search will bring up all the tweets in your mile radius using that hashtag. So cool right? Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be a hashtag. It can simply be a word you put in there. BUT MAKE SURE YOU ARE SPACING THAT OUT. With this search it is all about format. Without the correct format, it will come back with “No tweet results

Now that you have the geocode, I suggest saving it for future use or an even better thought: Create a new search steam in Hootsuite and add it to it so that you have access to it at all times. Twitter hootsuite example


Now, it’s your turn!

Go forth and show everyone your new found Twitter skills. I guarantee that people will be in awe over it.


If you are looking for even more hints and tips for Twitter, check out my recent blog post titled “How to Pinpoint Your Twitter Audience,” which can be found here:

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