The Best Way to Boost a Facebook Post

The best way to boost a facebook post

I am going to show you how to boost a post the proper way by going through Power Editor. With Power Editor, you get much more personal with targeting your audience.

For this example, I am just going to do a normal Page Post Engagement post, but there are many other extremely cool things you can do on power editor in regards to boosting posts and sending visitors to your website.

This type of a boosted post might prompt people to act in a contest or tell people about a sale going on. Lots of uses for it.

First thing’s first: Get on Power Editor!

Power Editor link

You should now see something like this:

power editor opening


Campaign Setup

Now, you want to click the big “+” button to create a campaign. Once the next screen has popped up, simply type a name that you would like your overall campaign to be called. I like the “company name – type of ad – date – $amount” format. Makes it easy when searching. Keep “Buying Type” the same and change “Objective” to “Page Post Engagement.” As you can see, there are a number of “Objectives” and I implore you to try out some other ones once you get the hang of boosting a post first.campaign for post engagement


After the campaign is created, you have a fresh slate. If it were in the stone age, it would be considered blasphemy, but on the internet, it is just another campaign…. for now!

For every new type of ad, you will want to create a new campaign because in every campaign screen, you set the budget for the overall ads inside the campaign.

Under “CAMPAIGN DETAILS,” you will see the final option that you can click that says “Set a Limit“. Feel free to set a limit to the overall campaign, but I usually just set the limits in the next section:

Creating Ad Sets

On the right side, there will be an option to “View Ad Sets“. As soon as you click it, there will be a fresh slate of Ad Sets. Click the “+” button and there will no longer. This brings up this box:

ad set screen grab

Simply choose “Use Existing” and whatever you named your campaign. For “NAME AD SET,” I suggest the format of: “location you are targeting – age, sex you are targeting – main interest.” For every new ad set you create, you can set the specific audience and budget you want. Word of warning: Remember which Ads you added to which Ad Set. I’ve screwed up and put the wrong target audience with the wrong picture and it didn’t work out very well.budget for ad

For “Budgets & Schedule,” set those few options the way you want it. I suggest just putting $10-20 for 3-4 days at a time for boosted posts unless it is a contest. You don’t want to wear out your welcome.

The AUDIENCE section is where it gets fun. Click the “Edit Audience” option. This is where you get down to the nitty gritty and get to targeting the audience you want, unlike what you would have only been capable if you just boosted a post (first image).

facebook boost post screenshot

power editor audience
 power editor audience
The second two were targeting capabilities in Power Editor and as you can see, the difference in your ability to hone in on a select audience is scary specific when it comes to Power Editor as compared to the “Boost Post” button.

After you feel solid about your targeting (or even if you don’t, you can always come back to it), click “Save,” which will close that window.

placement for adsScroll down and you will see “PLACEMENT” where you can choose where you would like your ad to be placed. I suggest just leaving this alone.

optimization and pricing for adsThe next option is “OPTIMIZATION & PRICING,” which is where you can change how you want to optimize your pricing, buuuuttt we are going to keep “Post Engagement” as what we want Facebook to optimize for. I’ve found that more often than not, Facebook is much better at optimizing for you rather than you optimizing for you.


Create your Boosted Post

Scroll back to the top and go to the right and click “View Ads,” which will bring up your final blank slate. Until you click that “+” button and do one more step than last time when you created the AD SET. This time, choose the campaign and ad set for the ad and then name it something. I would normally suggest the “picture name – wording type – tracking pixel type” format for the ad set, but with a boosted post, we just need something like “Boosted 1”create ad final

Once you create it, there will be some more options below. “FACEBOOK PAGE” is one of them. Go ahead and click the “Choose One…” button and literally choose a page that you wish to boost a post for.

choose a facebook page button
Once you have chosen the page, just go to the box below that says “Select a post” right below the two options “Create Ad | Use Existing Post”  and click it. This will being up recent posts in your Business page feed. Select it. Now, the right side of the screen should be populated with the post example like so: facebook post preview


For the “TRACKING” option, you should (1 or 2)

1. Refer to Jon Loomer’s guide to Conversion Pixels to find out how to insert a tracking pixel into your website to track the exact number of people that you convert through the various ways listed when you click “Create Pixel

2. Leave it as-is. (I suggest doing this if you are just starting out boosting posts)

Save & Post

Once you have done all this, make sure you go back through and double-check your budget and don’t forget to have fun and get creative by thinking outside the box with interests. You never know what you might come up with.

After you have double checked everything, just go to the top of the page and click on upload changes

After those changes are updated, go back to the normal Facebook Ads Manager and your ad should be there with a blue mark like this status. If it does not, make sure the Ad Set and Ads are on under their respective “Status” column.


I hope this helped you out even a little bit. If you had some success with creating Facebook Boosted posts using Power Editor, I would like to hear from you. Comment below and I will get back to you asap!

– Jackson Salzman


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