The Facebook Graph Search Hack You Didn’t Know About

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The Facebook Graph Search Hack You Didn’t Know About


Gain new insight about your audience by using Facebook Graph Search.

Facebook Graph Search is a powerful tool where you can find pretty much anyone you want by searching for various parameters like job title, work location, education, and even what they have liked on Facebook.

This tool allows for marketers to find new interests that may be similar to their business or even new people to market to.

Here, I will show you a nice hack to searching Facebook Graph Search instead of remembering all of the search parameters.

First, you want to hop on Chrome. I haven’t tried this on any other browser because I simply don’t use them.

Next, you want to get over to your extensions. Just click the chrome settings button at the top right of your browser and choose “Settings.”

After you are on the “Settings” screen, you want to choose the “Extensions” option like so: extensions tab

Scroll to the very bottom (if you have other extensions, you may have to scroll pretty far) and choose “Get More Extensions”, which will bring up a new screen.

Once there, you type in “Facebook Graph Search” in the search box at the top left.

You should get options like these, but the one you want is “FB UID Scraper”. You just click on it and then at the top right, choose “ADD TO CHROME”.

Facebook graph search

To use this tool, you simply click the icon on your browser and start plugging things in like so:

UID scraper

This search will open a new window and give you a list of people that have all of these interests. Case and point:

UID search results

Now, go forth and enjoy your new found knowledge!


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