Why You Should NEVER Enable Right-Column Ads on Facebook

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Why you should never enable right column ads on FB


I compiled over $15,000 worth of small to medium-sized business ads on Facebook, with each advertisement spending only $50 per month. Every one of the ads that I compiled had Right Column ads as well as News Feed ads enabled. The images and copy for said ad sets were the same for both, so there isn’t any discrepancy. The industries for the ads ranged from dental to logistics to restaurants and even clothing lines.

*Note: This is specifically related to normal ad creation in Facebook. If you tailor your right column ad for scrolling (multiple image views), then it may be beneficial. This is more for the small to medium-sized business owner or agency that wants to create an ad after Tailoring it to Target their Audience.*

Without further adieu, here are my findings and

New Feed vs Right Column Facebook ads

Want to disable your right column ads now?

Here is how you do so:

When you create an advertisement on Facebook, it automatically enables “Desktop News Feed,” “Mobile News Feed,” and “Right Column” placement of your ads. For every ad you create, you want to click the “Remove” button for Right Column ads like so:

Disable Facebook Right Column

You will know you have disabled it when it looks like this:

Facebook right column disabled

Now it’s your turn.

Try disabling those right column ads and spend more money on the News Feed ads.

If you want to learn a bit more on how to target your audience for Facebook ads, check out a previous post of mine titled “How to Target Your Audience Using Facebook Power Editor” here:

How To Target Your Audience on FB