Why Your Facebook Posts Aren’t Getting Any Engagement

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No engagement

Have you sat in your chair scrolling up and down your company’s Facebook business page and thought “Man, why aren’t we getting more interaction?”

Well, you have probably done one of two things wrong.

Either you are posting boring, non-actionable content that your audience couldn’t give two shits less about ooorrrr when you were initially growing your audience with ads, you targeted the wrong demographics and now your posts are being served to people that couldn’t give two shits less about your content.

I will admit that both of these are bad, but there is a way to fix them if you are willing to take the time.

No Engagement?

Take a look at these Facebook posts:

bad fb post 1

bad fb post 2

Tell me, would you click on this or even think twice about scrolling past it due to its image being improperly sized or the text just too damn long? Probably not. I know that I might even click that “I don’t want to see this” option and see even less of your posts.

A Facebook business page isn’t the place to post a cat video where he jumps 10 feet in the air because a cucumber is sitting by him. Leave that shit to your personal page. I guarantee your mom or grandma will like it. Hell, they may even share it.

A Facebook business page is there to provide your company with an avenue to announce new inventory, get your audience’s opinion, share behind-the-scenes videos and images that they would never see unless working there, partnerships with other companies, endorsements from celebrities, and all that cool shit that isn’t seen on a personal page.

Now, take a look at this Facebook post:

good fb post

Would you click on this? If it is something you are interested in, hell yeah you would. I would even like or share it. Hell, I may even follow through to the Business page and scroll down and look at their recent posts to see if others are as engaging as that one.

When I do both of those, the Facebook algorithm says “Jackson visited this Facebook Business page after liking a post. He must want to see more from this business.” So they serve me another post that week. And boom, there is more reach and engagement for the business.

When you create engaging content, you make people want to click on your posts/page. It’s as simple as that.

Bad Audience?

Now, about you targeting the wrong demographics when initially growing your audience with ads.

This is going to require not only great content, this is going to require cross-posting and boosting posts.

Great content is self explanatory, but here  is a great guide by Social Media Examiner to help you get started on brainstorming.

Cross-posting is repurposing content for all the social media platforms you are on. No, I am not talking about this bullshit:


or this:

bad twitter post

I don’t care if you think you don’t have time. If your posts to Facebook or Twitter look like this, you won’t get any engagement and will probably lose followers.

It’s all about quality over quantity. So it comes down to resizing images, reforming copy for each platform, and using hashtags where they need to be used. I have created a guide on the proper ways to post for every social media platform.

Finally comes boosting posts. NEVER, EVER push that “Boost Post” button. If you do, you may as well send me the money you used on that boosted post so I can use it the proper way. DM me for my bank account here  if you wish to go this route.

When you boost a post, you want to go into your ads manager, create an ad, and then boost your post that way. This way gives you a ton of more options to target a new audience, including education level, home type, interests, purchasing behaviors, and more. I suggest boosting a post for $5 a day for 4 days. If it is something you really, really want people to see e.g.: a sale, opening house, etc. then feel free to throw more money and time at it.

boosted posts interests

It may take more time, but once you have your audience chosen, click the “Save this audience” for future use on boosted posts. Saving your audience will cut down on time boosted posts drastically.

save audience button

Now it’s your turn!

Go forth and use this knowledge to your advantage and get some more Facebook Business page interaction.

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